Caring style

Caring style goes beyond superficial trends; it encompasses the impact of our fashion choices on people’s lives and the world around us.’        – unknown

Hand block prints colloctions

Ajrakh prints

01. Ajrakh Prints

Ajrakh is a unique form of woodblock printing which originated in Kutch, Gujarat and has been practice for over 400 years.

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02. Sanganer Prints

Sanganer is a 400-year-old specific kind of hand block printing that originated from Sanganer, a small village on the outskirts of Jaipur.

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Dabu prints

03. Dabu Prints

Dabu print is a traditional art of block printing that started blooming from Akola, a village in the pockets of Rajasthan.

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04. Kalamkari Prints

The word kalamkari is derived from the word ‘kalam’ means ‘pen’ and ‘kari’ means ‘craftmanship’ in Persian.

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