Conscious Life

Living a conscious life means recognizing the interconnectedness of all living beings and embracing our responsibility to protect and preserve the natural world that sustains us.’                         – unknown


Eco-Friendly Fashion

At Coco Oosh, we are all about bringing a vibrant twist of green to the world of fashion! Think cotton, bamboo, linen, and hemp – materials that not only look fabulous, but also have a smaller carbon footprint. Natural dyes, wooden buttons, eco-friendly packaging are our conscious choices. By picking these sustainable options, we’re keeping our planet stylish and happy!

Artisanal support

Our hearts beat with appreciation for the incredible skills of Indian artisans. We wholeheartedly support them because we believe in the power of love and community. Through fair trade practices, we ensure that our talented weavers and craftsmen receive the love and respect they deserve. By wearing Coco Oosh, you are carrying the love and artistry of Indian artisans with you.

Zero waste approch

Waste not, slay a lot! We’re on a mission to turn fashion production into a zero-waste extravaganza. It’s all about thinking outside the box (or rather, inside the fabric scraps!). We transform those leftovers into adorable accessories and funky embellishments. Who said being sustainable can’t be playful?