Dabu prints


Dabu is derived from the word ‘Dabbana’ which means ‘to press’.
Dabu print is a traditional art of block printing that started blooming from Akola, a village in the pockets of Rajasthan .
They are believed to have originated from China dated back to 675 AD. It then travelled to Rajasthan which then become the highest producer of block printed fabrics.

The artisans make a mud-resist material using a mixture of gum, lime and wheat chaff called Dabu.
The prints are made from the traditional exclusive Akola motifs in an array of bright red and indigo printed using carved wooden blocks.
Only natural dyes, such as indigo, pomegranate, kashish (a mineral from iron deposits) are used in this traditional technique.
As the cloth undergoes a tedious process involving multiple washes and drying, Dabu fabrics are often very soft.

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