Customer Testimonials

Coco Oosh fabric is light and very elegant . Designs are attractive and definitely head turners. For men, Goes easily for casual get togethers, office ethnic wear days and other such. Good ones and must try.

Srinivas Rao

I wore Oosh Clothing’s Indigo Kameez for a critical presentation to a leadership team. And I have to say – In 15+Y, this was my most comfortable presenting experience. I had to walk a long way in scorching sun that day, across landscaped paths and staircases – straight into an icy-chill AC room. And yet, I felt fresh, not one-bit constricted. The kameez was great fit too – neither tight, nor loose. Be it scorching sun or AC room, I felt constantly comfortable wearing it. So, great going, Oosh – I am going to check your collections more regularly, and here’s to more

Preethi V

I love buying from Ooshclothing. Each of their piece is sustainably sourced, fits perfectly, is super comfortable, very reasonably priced and they look good even after several washes later.

Deepa Mohan

I simply love coco-oosh clothing.. They are comfortable, right fit and made of soft fabrics and the dresses look the same even after multiple washes.

Aishwaryia Krishnan

I saw my mom wear a kurta set one day and fell in love with it. When I asked her where it was from, she said it’s this brand called coco oosh and she can get me a few sets as well. I picked a few co-ord sets from a catalog and once the sets arrived, they quickly became what I reached for almost on a daily basis. Since I only bought 2, I ran out of options since I was wearing them almost every other day! The material, the fit and the colors made them so versatile that I could wear it practically for any occasion, dressed up or down. I went ahead and bought a few more pieces from Archana and they have lived upto my expectations! Coco oosh will be a lifetime brand in my wardrobe!

Sharadha Ramakrishnan

Hi, recently I got a cotton block printed shrug from Coco Oosh, n am so content with the quality of the fabric. It’s super soft, even during this harsh summer if you wear a shrug dress, you might feel uncomfortable but this shrug is really good, looking forward to buying some more good quality products from you Coco Oosh.

Indranil Roy

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