‘When you are a mom, you look for the best for your children. One such day, looking for soft, eco-friendly clothes for kids, which are also contemporary and trendy, the thought crossed my mind – India, being the largest repository of handwoven fabrics, has no dearth of variety and richness, if only we could intertwine it with great designs. That’s when the idea took shape’ Coco Oosh! ? “Oosh!” is an acronym for “out of school hours” and “Coco” stands for “cotton couture”.

What kids want
Have you seen your little one wear that faded red dress, which you picked up two years ago, every other day? Your numerous attempts to talk her out of it has failed, simply because she loooovves that cozy feel of the fabric? Kids need total comfort when it comes to clothes and what better can provide this other than natural fabrics? And what better place can you look at for natural fabrics other than India?

We, at Coco Oosh!, believe that your child deserves utmost comfort when it comes to clothing. Clothes, that feel soft, clothes that are safe on their tender skin, clothes that have a story to tell and clothes that exude love. We handpick natural fabrics from India artisans and give it a contemporary twist. Your kids are gonna love our clothes, as much as our clothes love your kids !!

My first experience here was so wonderful..i loved the fabric of my daughter’s dress.I would surely recommend Coco Oosh for their eco friendly clothing with great style.Thank you very much Archana,looking forward for my next purchase !’

Kirthika Hari, Chennai.

Hey, the clothes are sooper soft… Coco Oosh! Is only for kids ? Do you have for our sizes too ? Loved the sooper soft material.



Aishwaryia Ashwin, Bengaluru.

My first experience was good here. Got kiddo dresses on their launch period. Quick delivery.The material was so comfortable and perfect to wear for my lo ❤ I highly recommend coco oosh for ecofriendly clothing Keep going on Archana ✌ Much love from us to you’

Fara Vignesh , Chennai.